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Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

September 22, 2019

Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

                                 It is believed that since the beginning of human existence every generation tried to pass its knowledge to the next generation; at first it started orally, and by the time writing was invented they started writing it in books and after that education developed until education systems as we know them started. After that education system had stayed the same since then.
 Distinguishes traditional and online education.
 Education from online education apart from the activities which can help one developing his personality, manners and perspicacity, is the environment where one can meet with his colleagues in real life, socialise and interact with them, the classroom provide a healthy environment for classmates’ direct discussions and competitions scenarios which motivates students indirectly to study more and the easily approachable teachers which can clear any question or doubt. In online education you are limited to discuss only course materials with your course mates via text chatting or webcam. 

But online education’s main advantage is the one-on-one experience which provides you with personal attention of the tutor which has a good effect on students’ understandings, attention span and prevents them from daydreaming because of the individual attention while the traditional education lacks that because of the attention being divided on the students in the classroom.

Traditional education is wider. While online education covers and discusses topics which are directly related to courses the students registered for, while in traditional education the lecturers frequently covers many points which does not relate directly but considered important or common-knowledge materials.

                   Online education and traditional education systems and that online education are convenient in both time and cost and deficiency of human direct interactions, whereas we found that traditional systems emphasise on human social interaction and help builds one’s personality and give pre-work experience due to lab work and training.  To use both systems simultaneously can improve educational experience.

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