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Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

September 21, 2019

Can online education be compatible with the traditional one?

Education continues with the help of technology. Because of communication tools students can learn by staying far away from school, island or country. Those wishing to earn a degree can simply turn to the Internet for accredited programs or online sessions with a mentor. Students can do online courses. 

 Classroom Setting

To study online by using technology are very flexible. But in traditional classrooms, students have to contend with very busy schedule. Because they have to attend the class regularly to learn.  Although online programs often have specific times where students have to login to participate in video conferences, forums, or chat rooms, the process is much more relaxed. Students can learn by their own time. This method of learning provides students with teaching tools and materials that they are required to complete within a certain time period. Within that period, students have the freedom to choose the schedule that best suits them. This means that students and teachers do not need to be online at the same time to study.

Social Interaction

face to face lessons with lecturers is a very important part of teaching and learning. Online classes also provide the opportunities of teaching face to face by online classrooms still provide real time feedback through messaging platforms and video calls. Teachers can provide materials to students, so that children can access at their free time. Online teaching or on line education system teachers can track their students on the go. It helps teachers to give feedback and students can get chance to correct their  
  Online education is easier and flexible. So that instead of practicing traditional methods of education we should practice the modern technological online educations. It has many advantages like students will be motivated in learning. Teachers feel easy to teach and save their time.  

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