Can disabled people live a healthy life with the help of virtual reality?

September 20, 2019


In today's the fact is that technology. that technology is present in almost every single human activity. the technological world is all hyped up about Augmented and Virtual reality(AR/VR) technology.    Virtual reality is already demolishing many barriers that disabled people face in real life.

How virtual reality can help disabled people 

There are various ways through which virtual reality can potentially help the disabled. 

1.Education and skill teaching

one of the most problem that many people with the disability the face is a lack of independence. for example some studies have explored  the potential use of virtual reality in teaching people with autism -specific life skills necessary to lead more independent lives. in one such as teach in autistic children how to train cross the roads in safely. after a long- months exercise there improved the ability of the children to cross the road.
even recently disable people cab use virtual reality training to learn how to negative through traffic and other situations using a wheelchair. 

2. New and Formerly “Impossible” Experiences

Disability often makes it difficult for people to try out specific experiences. For example, it is difficult for a person in a wheelchair to climb to the top of Mount Everest or even engage in activities such as skydiving or skateboarding. With virtual reality, however, disabled people can experience all these activities and more. Indeed, many disabled individuals have expressed pleasure in experiencing activities such as virtual surfing or even visiting space virtually. Such experiences will improve the mental and physical health of the disabled individuals

3. Route Planning

When visiting new places, it is often difficult for physically disabled people to plan on routes to use around a city. Virtual reality can help provide a simulated environment of the city and thus allow the disabled individual to have a feel of the city and get “accustomed” to the most accessible routes to use.


Although there is immense potential in the augmented and virtual reality industry, it is important to note that it is still relatively young and undeveloped. In addition to that, little is known about the long-term effects of AR and VR on the mental and physical health of users. Researchers are particularly concerned about the long-term effects of AR and VR use on developing brains.

Nonetheless, one thing is clear, the future is bright for augmented and virtual reality, and the disabled can benefit immensely from it.

Hawwa Hamza

ACFS batch 1
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