Benefits of using tablets in education

September 07, 2019

Technology plays a vital role in education. In the past even though the technology is not directly used in the classroom, indirectly it has been playing a very important part in our education system. Technology has been used to gather information for daily lessons and even students use technology to get extra information about the lesson thought. Development of technology has made the students and teachers easy to get access to their field through tablets. It is believed that if technology in the form of tablets is used inside the classroom, students will be more on task as a result student performance increases. Students view that usage of tablet PCs in their learning is helpful and it helped them to understand what the instructor is trying to explain and as a result, it created a better learning environment (Enriquez, 2010).

 Tablets contain different combinations of visual presentations, animations, and voice which makes it a perfect tool for education. When students are given freedom to explore they learn more. They start to explore and enjoy the learning. This has a huge positive impact on their studies.  According to Guerrero, Catalá & Andrés, (2016) not only academic performance is improved by using tablets in the classroom, but student’s learning experience can be increased with using tablets in the classroom. Traditionally students are only given books and other ordinary materials to learn. But if they are given tablets, they can have access to almost anything. Tablets are easy to use since it is mobile and it is designed in such a way that it is very much user friendly. Lots of studies has been done to see the importance of tablets among students and  it has been shown that active participation of students and teachers and interactive as well as collaborative teaching has more positive effect of teaching than traditional teacher centered environment (Birk & Foster 1993).

There are enormous advantages of using tablets in education like, it improves student attentiveness in class, it help the students to keep their focus to the lectures or teachers and even the students find it is useful since through tablet usage students can get immediate feedback about how they are doing the work or assignment through tablet applications (Enriquez, 2010). We find it very difficult to concentrate on single task for longer period of time. With the help of tablets learning experience can be taken to next level.

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