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Autopilot installed in heavy-weight trucks

September 18, 2019

ICT task 3
Autopilot installed in heavy-weight trucks

The truck of tomorrow will drive autonomously.  It has a number of assistance and connectivity systems are available in today’s trucks. It includes highly intelligent Highway Pilot, they provide an insight into what the future of transport holds in store.
Auto pilot in heavy trucks are highly intelligent network consisting of assistance and connectivity systems which enables autonomous driving on the highway. It is useful in heavy trucks because it never gets tired and reacts faster than any human. Moreover It is also the ideal companion on long journeys on highways with. Autopilots in heavy trucks work just like the autopilot of airplane. As soon as the truck is safely on the highway, the driver can activate the Highway Pilot. As soon as they activate the system it adapts the speed of the truck to the traffic flow. It can maintain the required distance from the vehicle ahead or uses the stop-and-go function during the rush hour.  
 Advantages of autopilot in heavy trucks.

  • -        Truck know where exactly they are going.  
  • -        It helps to keep an eye on the traffic at all the time.
  • -        Processing sensory inputs, become activated and detects the situation in the traffic environment by means of various cameras. 
  • -        It also make the truck independent.

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