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Are regular citizens going to be able to travel to space in the nearest future?

September 28, 2019

         Travelling earth to space is possible and curious adventure to anyone. But travelling earth to space has challenges unlike travelling from one country to another. Spacecraft carry their own sources of oxygen and nitrogen. These gases are circulated throughout the spacecraft to provide similar air to the one we breathe on Earth. Astronauts must also carry their entire food supply when they travel to space
Challenges to travel to space
1.      Modes of transport
To travel space astronaut do not use airplanes, jets and helicopters to travel to space instead they need a vehicle which is specially design for space travel such as space shuttles and etc..
2.      Should be learn technical things
          The other thing is people who fly to space should be learn technical knowledge about the transportation, what has to do in case of emergencies and etc. Space tourists who have visited the International Space Station have had very little interaction with the spacecraft they are passengers in, but they have still had good levels of training in the essentials such as what to do in the event of a fire or rapid depressurisation of the spacecraft
3.      Costly
 Furthermore it is very expensive and spends a lot to such things which normal person cannot afford. But In time it is expected that the cost of space travel will eventually come down and become something which is affordable to more than only the very wealthy. 

Travelling space is a hope for many people and there is a hope of travelling to space. But, it will not be very easy to do as it has lots of other challenges. People who want to go space should be learning many things also spend much.

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