The history of computers: how was the first computer invented?

August 30, 2019

The computer as we probably am aware it today had its beginning with a 19th century English mathematics professor name Charles Babbage. He structured the Analytical Engine and it was this design that the fundamental system of the computers of today depend on.
As a rule, computers can be grouped into three generations. Each generation lasted for a certain period of time, and each gave us either an as good as ever computer or an improvement to the current computer.
First generation: 1937 – 1946:  The first substantial computer was the giant ENIAC machine by John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert at the University of Pennsylvania. ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator) used a word of 10 decimal digits rather than double ones like past automated calculators/computers. The computers of first generation used vacuum tubes as the basic components for memory and circuitry for CPU (Central Processing Unit). These tubes, like electric bulbs, produced a lot of heat and the installations used to fuse frequently. Therefore, they were very expensive and only large organizations were able to afford it.
In this generation, mainly batch processing operating system was used. Punch cards, paper tape, and magnetic tape was used as input and output devices. The computers in this generation used machine code as the programming language.
Second generation: 1947 – 1962: In the 1950's two devices would be invented that would improve the computer field and set moving the start of the computer revolution. The first of these two devices was the transistor. Invented in 1947 by William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain of Bell Labs, the transistor was fated to oust the days of vacuum tubes in computers, radios, and different electronics.
Third generation: 1963 – present: The invention of integrated circuit brought us the third generation of computers. With this invention computers became smaller, more powerful more reliable and they are able to run many different programs at the same time. In1980 Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-Dos) was born and in 1981 IBM introduced the personal computer (PC) for home and office use
As a result of different improvements to the development of the computer we have seen the computer being used in all everyday issues. It is a valuable device that will keep on continue to experience new development as time passes.
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