Social Studies and the Vision of the National Curriculum

August 31, 2019

By Janeesa

Social Studies is the integrated study of the Social Science and humanities to promote civic competence.Social Studies is important because it teaches student fundamental concepts of culture,economics and politics skill to groom them into educated ,productive citizen, social studies  centers around understanding how world works on a social level.
the primary  purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and citizen of a cultural diverse , democratic society in an intern dependent word . There are 5 components  of social studies. It is
- Geography
- History
- Culture and Social
- Civil and Government
- Economics
Social studies helps student to grew there critical thinking ability by evaluating decisions taken by prominent leaders in the past.Students get the advantages of getting knowledge other peoples errors because they discover more about the winning and fail decisions made in the past by leaders. Also the purpose of elementary school social studies is to enable students to understand participate in a and make informed decision about their world.Moreover,teaching and learning processes within social studies are uniquely organized to develop these capacities, beginning with the youngest learners in school. Furthermore within the school program.Social studies provides coordinated systematic study drawing upon such discipline.
In national curriculum as learning area, social studies allows students to value their roots,explore their pasts and understand their contents,appreciate the interrelationships between people across time,environments and cultural while developing civic efficiency.Through social studies, students will comprehended how societies work ,and will develop the knowledge and skill which will help them to make informed and reasoned decisions that are required of responsible and active citizen of a democratic  society. It will help them to appreciate diversity and develop respect for oneself and others while learning about how perspectives,values and opinions after across and within communities,students will learn the skills of critical analysis and self-reflection.The national curriculum explains the vision that sets out to achieve;the principles that guides its design;the shared values that Maldivian society deems important;and the key competencies that all children and young people are expected to acquire through schooling,upon which all learning is organised.Due to the above reason that social studies can help to reach the vision of the national curriculum.
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