Scientific Research Methodology can be of value to Educators

August 30, 2019

Scientific Research methodology can be of value to Educators

Why knowledge of scientific research methodology can be of value to Educators?
That can be valuable to researchers because it's on the finals and researchers who don't pass their finals won't get good funding. just kidding OK the researchers do research only by using the scientific method this is sort of a silly question. It can help them to judge how reliable other people's research findings are and help them to be more thorough and accurate when researching themselves. 
Scientific studies do not contribute to a larger body of knowledge until they are widely disseminated and subjected to professional scrutiny by peers. This ongoing, collaborative, public critique is an indication of the health of a scientific enterprise. Indeed, the objectivity of science derives from publicly enforced norms of the professional community of scientists, rather than from the character traits of any individual person or design features of any study.

It promotes research that sees children as active agents in their own lives, not passive victims or research ‘subjects’. There are many ways in which children can be more actively involved in research, both as respondents and as co-researchers. This kit aims to give guidance on ways of approaching this work, on ethical issues to be considered, and on techniques that can be used. Case studies from around the world draw on a rich field of participatory research with children that have developed in recent years.

Involving children in primary research concerns research which collects information directly from people, in this case primarily children and young people. Its first chapter looks at ethical issues in children’s participation in research. The second is entitled ‘How to do it’ and starts with sections on how children can be involved in the different stages of primary research. The final section of this chapter discusses methods for participatory research with children on issues of violence, including setting up the project, participatory approaches, research techniques and how to choose methods.
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