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Rule of law

August 30, 2019

Introduction to the rule of law

In short, the rules and regulations made and enforced by a society's government to manage the conduct of the people within said society that is called rule of law. Every society that has ever existed has recognized the need for laws (written or unwritten).

A democratic system of government cannot function unless the laws are respected by the people they intended to regulate.
1.      Society must be based on the rule of law.
2.      Rules must be in the advance and creative democratically.
3.      Nobody is above the rule of law.

Laws and values
1.      The laws generally reflect and promote societal values (traditional ideas about right and wrong)
·         Not everything immoral is illegal.
2.      Goals of the legal system according to legal scholar.
·         Protecting basic human rights.
·         Promoting fairness
·         Resolving conflicts
·         Promoting order/stability
·         Promoting desirable economic and social behavior.
·         Representing the will of majority
·         Protecting the rights of minorities.
Rule of law predates the nation of nationality. They have been norms and mores as long as community. There have been laws since people gathered into regulated communities. The kind of nation we think of today, is  pretty recent.

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