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Factors Determining the Best Laptop

August 30, 2019

Understanding Configuration
7th Gen Asus is the new device from the Asus manufacturers and contains some updated features. The device uses the 5th generation processor, which is of high performance in execution. However, the device lacks DVD Drive, where secondary information can be stored (Asus, 2019). Lack of CDROM means that users will only be relying on USB storage devices if the HDD drive is full. Also, the touchpad of the device is stiff. New users of the device might find it hard to use since the design was not user-centered. 
On the other hand, Dell Inspiron 13.3 is a slim core i7 device with a compact design. The device contains significant features which are acknowledged by many users in the technology world. The graphics design of the computer is so high that a user can make any distinction within a picture or video. The other feature which distinguishes the two devices is the slimness. The feature makes it easily portable and can be stored in the least space possible (Tracy, 2019). For the configuration of the two devices, it will depend on the type of operating system which is installed. For instance, the Windows OS can be easily configured in the Dell device than Asus because of its robustness in the execution of data by the processor.
7th Gen Asus 13.3, i5, 2

Source: (Asus, 2019)

Dell Inspiron 13.3, i7, 2
Source: (Tracy, 2019)
Asus configuration
Dell Inspiron  Configuration
My comment

The main reason the school preferred the Dell Inspiron 13.3, i7, 2 computer is because the manufacturer is known to center the design to its users. Through the user-centered design, any novice user can comfortably use the device. Since the Dell machines are all over the market, its accessories can be easily purchased in case any preventive maintenance is needed (Tracy, 2019). Another possible reason is because of its processing power. Dell is configured to be a robust machine which executes a million bits per clock cycle. Through its performance, the administration can achieve its intended goal quickly as they desire.  
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