benefit of technology in educational process

August 30, 2019

The classroom looks much different than it did 50 or even 10 years ago. Traditional chalkboards have been replaced with digital whiteboards, and classrooms have a surplus of iPads.
Is this advancement to the detriment of our students, or does it benefit their learning? According to the Pew Research Center, 92% of teachers said that the internet has a major impact on their ability to access content, resources, and materials.

Here are some of the ways educational technology improves the classroom experience:

 Creates a More Engaged Environment

You may think technology is just a distraction, but it can help encourage active participation in your classroom. Using devices like a computer, tablet, or other type of technology in your classroom can help turn traditionally dull subjects into interactive and fun activities.

Incorporates Different Learning Styles

Each child in your classroom is different, and it can be challenging to adjust your learning plan to fit every student. Fortunately, technology in education can help you modify your lessons.

Improves Collaboration

Teachers have observed an increased frequency of students helping each other when they’re using technology in the classroom.

Connects You With Your Students

Technology can help teachers form a better relationship with their students and their colleagues.

Using technology in your classroom also encourages critical thinking skills.

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