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ETC Values

February 13, 2018

Student Behaviour
·      Honesty
·      Responsibility
·      Trust
·      Self-discipline
·      Tolerance
·      Fairness
·      Respect
·      I listen to others without prejudice.
·      I only speak about others in a positive way.
·      I give honest and open feedback in a sensitive manner.
·      I treat all members of the school community honestly, equitably and fairly.
·      I take responsibility for all aspects of my work.
·      I respect the opinion of others.
·      I treat all school property with care.
·      Creativity
·      Excellence
·      Knowledge and skills
·      Development of a learning culture
·      Enthusiasm
·      Achievement
·      I strive to achieve my best.
·      I am open to new ideas and practices.
·      I question when I am unsure.
·      I seek to find a creative solution when problem solving.
·      I seek the opportunity to be involved in learning programs.
·      I approach learning with enthusiasm.
·      I experience a sense of achievement when I successfully complete set tasks.
·      Professionalism
·      Sense of Responsibility
·      Collaboration
·      Accountability

·      I am accountable to the team.
·      I am punctual.
·      I give constructive advice and openly receive advice.
·      I am flexible in my behaviours.
·      I am able to stay focused.
·      I am aware of the needs of others and support them appropriately.
·      I share ideas freely.
·      I work cooperatively with others.
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